The guides for the Instagram feature become available for all Instagram users on November 17, 2020. In their starting launch a few days ago, Instagram guides were available only for particular user accounts, and the Guide was primarily aimed at companies providing wellness resources in fighting with Covid – 19. For example, an Instagram account, “@afspnational, the lockdown, created a guide about mental health during the lockdown. With the latest, guides on Instagram are becoming a great feature that people believe most marketers and advertisers would love to start using the guide feature. In this article, we provide you a detail about the guide feature:


The guides of Instagram are the completely best and new functionality on the social media platform. Instagram guides are nothing but an article-like long format that goal is to provide users a tool to recommend products, places, and more things by using the posts across within the Instagram platform. Guides are the new and special feature on Instagram that is developed as a section of the tabs section on the primary profile page of Instagram accounts. And the guide feature is accessible and available both via the Instagram application on mobile and desktop.

Guides of Instagram seem to be a better opportunity for influencers, marketers, creators, and public figures to create high-quality content on Instagram and improve their marketing activities on Instagram that are unique and provide helpful and original tips.


Instagram guides are a creative feature by the creators on Instagram, who create a feed with their opinions, recommendations, tips about a specific subject or topics, composed with a combination of  Buy auto Instagram likes to get more exposure for your Guide.

Users can click on content and view Instagram’s original post when interacting with the Instagram Guide. 

Here is some type of ideas of content you can include in an Instagram guide:

  • Recommending places by getting locations, tagging a place you visited, and other details of existing places on Instagram already.
  • Fitness guides with videos or posts from your feed
  • Tutorial about using a service or products by tagging service or product you follow on Instagram. 
  • Travel diary with photos and videos from your feed
  • The Ultimate Guide about the new Mac (for example).
  • Step by step guide or tutorial for any topic or subject.

Here are some more examples of the primary guides on Instagram that some organizations created to support and guide people during the pandemic situation.





Currently, Instagram has three various types of purposes and content that people can choose from, they are:

Products: to create an Instagram Guide about a particular product or topic, first make sure that you follow the brand’s accounts that represent the brand that must have a shop on Instagram.

Posts: you can create a Guide for your posts that are published in your Instagram feed already.

Place: Guide for a particular place or destination that you have visited already. 

Once Instagram Guide is available on your profile, it will display in a separate section or tab with an icon “booklet” on your profile page on Instagram. Just follow the below steps to create your first step:

  • Go to your profile page on Instagram and click the;+; plus icon on the right corner
  • Select the Guide type from the given list
  • Choose the Guide type that you want to create, Products, Places, or, Posts.

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