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May 2021


How To Go Viral With Instagram Reels Hashtag


Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms among teenagers and young audiences. In August 2020, Instagram launched Instagram Reels. Since then, Instagram is more popular than before. It enables the creator to showcase their talent within a 15-30 seconds video. Reels have the editing features to creatively make videos, such as add music, effects, GIFs, emoji and stickers. Many marketers are already utilizing the latest features effectively for their brands. You also want to use the Instagram Reels strategy to enhance your business. Here are the details about how to embrace Instagram Reel for your business.

How To Create Your First Instagram Reels?

Creating and sharing a Reel video is very easy while you follow the below guidelines.

Record & Edit Your Video

  • Open your Instagram account and tap the camera.
  • You will see the three options and choose the Reels option.
  • Select the background music from the Instagram library before recording your video.
  • Setting a timer helps predetermine the length of the video. You don’t want to stop your video after your recording is finished.
  • You can also add special effects for your video using AR effects.
  • You have the option to speed up or slow down your video for selected clips.
  •  Now, set all features based on your creativity, record your video and edit it.
  • After your recording and editing are finished. Share your Video with the audience.

Don’t be surprised that many options for your Reel video to go viral quickly. 

Explore Page

Reels have several editing options like stories and content on reels can be posted to stories. These videos can get to the explore page if they become more trending. But it takes some time for new users who post to reels to get engagement on their posts immediately. If you are one of them, you can choose to buy Instagram reels likes to make your reels video viral in a short span of time.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Usually, Instagram users use hashtags to search for what they want to see on Instagram. Hashtags are work similar to Google search keywords. So, you use your brand relevant hashtags. You have a question in your mind about how to find niche hashtags on Instagram. Here are the details: 

Competitor analysis: You research the people who are your competitor and find it. Getting information about what kind of video they post and which hashtags use their niche which these information helps to your marketing strategy.

Trending hashtags: Search trend hashtags from regular Instagram posts and other social media platforms. No one can use your research trend hashtags, using those hashtags to skyrocket your account as well as your brand. 


If marketers want to capture the audience’s attention, they need to use Instagram Reels because everyone spends their time on Instagram mostly. Since then, Instagram launched Reels which has gotten the attention of the users. Particularly, It is a short form video and so it is easy to create and watch in a short time.