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August 2020


5 Effective Ways to Increase Twitter Exposure

Ever since the emergence of Twitter, it serves as an amazing tool for sales, marketing and customer support. Twitter’s prominent role in helping messages get widespread shows the power of its influence. For instance, Esurance, an Insurance company received more than 160K retweets and millions of impressions on running a Twitter focussed campaign. The article explains some of the effective ways to increase Twitter exposure.

Remember the fundamentals

Twitter Don’ts 

It is mandatory to use hashtags but adding more hashtags to your tweets can make it appear spammy. Tweets with more hashtags will not encourage more people to share the tweets. 

Avoid using @mentions at the beginning of tweets as this suppresses the scope of visibility of your tweets to the owner of the handle and people who follow you mutually.

Small businesses particularly should not trumpet themselves because this may prevent your account from getting new followers. Behaving neutrally can preserve your decorum on the social platform. 

Keep in mind that a twee can have only 140 characters which is more than enough to create perfect tweets. Don’t dump in too much information into a single tweet as well.

Tweeting quality content is more important than tweeting often to appear as a trusted profile both to the audience and your followers

Twitter Dos

Sharing thoughts of experts in industry, latest industry news and insights are things you must do to increase Twitter exposure. 

Carry out a research on hashtags before starting to use them

Leverage Your Creativity

Videos upto 512MB can be uploaded and serve as  a great source of engagement. It is not necessary for the videos to be more professional. Raw videos taken as such get more attention and views from users when uploaded. If you want to make your videos more popular twitter views cheap which can increase organic views for the post. 

Using appropriate screenshots in the right context to your tweets can make your tweets appear extraordinary. Including such screenshots lays emphasis on the opinion that you convey to the audience. Graphs can be added to tweets to give a more professional look to your tweets. Original case studies of your brand campaigns can gather more viewers for your tweets who can become your followers.

Embed Tweets in  blog posts

Customer testimonials can be included with blog posts or on the testimonials section in your website as a social proof. People who use wordpress also can embed the tweet  by copying the URL of the tweet and pasting it in the desired place in the visual editor.

Wrapping Up

Twitter has all potentials to create interactions that boost exposure for your business. Posting attractive content and a strategic approach are the keys to get more exposure on Twitter.


Secretes To Increase Sales For Your Business Using YouTube

YouTube is the best place for social media digital strategy for building the growth of the channel. Advertising on YouTube started many years ago. YouTube is a cost-effective campaign, and the average click-through rate is 0.514%, view rate is 31.9%, and the cost per view is $0.026. 

YouTube History

YouTube is the best place to promote business. YouTube offers a wider chance to reach a wider audience. YouTube has more developed these days and it has developed in these many years and the perfect platform for creating a campaign for advertisements. You need to create customized advertisements for your business. If you work full-fledged, then YouTube is advertising for the profitable business. 

Advantages Of YouTube Advertising 

You can target the perfect audience and customize your video depending upon the quality of the brand.      

Expanding Video Reach

YouTube has more than two billion active users, and year by year the presence of the users on YouTube is increasing rapidly. The watch hours are approximately per day, around 5 billion hours. You need to find the potential customers where you can expose to the business which offers. YouTube is the best place to advertise on the platform. Buy YouTube likes to outstand from the competitors and increase the likes of your videos. 

Targeting The Customers With Advanced Methods 

You can increase the audience by increasing the relevant ads related to the video. You can also choose the pages through which you can reach the targeted audience. You can do a search related to the niche related to the ads you want to advertise. Increasing the customers, you need to make advertisements related to the niche. Work-based on a niche and get the desired results. YouTube has some methods of customization, which helps to personalize the ads depending upon the needs. 

Reach The Desired Goals 

You need to follow certain rules and guidelines of the YouTube ads, which help in advertising. Brands can use YouTube as the sharing platform where you need to give the product explanation clearly and share the advantages of the business. YouTube is a dynamic platform that will be a flexible platform for marketers. Many think that YouTube is the chunk of the marketing budget on YouTube. 

Effective YouTube Campaigns 

You don’t need a photographer or any other agency to make the ads. You need to create the ads by you’re own. You don’t need to approach any of the agency for the campaign. YouTube is the best affordable advantage for the target audience. 

Ad’s Success 

You can see the success of the ad by using the analytics where you see the insights of the ads. How long the viewers view the ads, and you can find the best ads forming the best. It is preferred to connect analytics with the Google account. You can see unique views and the time people spend without skipping the ads. There are different types of ads on YouTube. You can find skippable, and non-skippable ads; each of the ads has different resolutions with different criteria for the ads.